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North Dakota Coronavirus Case Statistics

Total North Dakota Coronavirus Cases - Updated Daily


Total North Dakota Coronavirus Deaths - Updated Daily

192 - 1.09% of Cases

County Statistics from North Dakota

County Cases State % Deaths State %
Cass County4,60326.14%7740.1%
Burleigh County3,00217.05%3618.75%
Grand Forks County2,04611.62%126.25%
Stark County1,2977.37%63.13%
Morton County1,0525.97%178.85%
Ward County8704.94%42.08%
Williams County7944.51%52.6%
Stutsman County4752.7%31.56%
Benson County3171.8%52.6%
McLean County2371.35%21.04%
Barnes County2121.2%00%
Richland County2051.16%10.52%
Mountrail County2031.15%21.04%
Ramsey County1851.05%21.04%
Walsh County1690.96%10.52%
McKenzie County1630.93%21.04%
Rolette County1560.89%31.56%
Sioux County1400.8%31.56%
Emmons County1080.61%10.52%
Mercer County1070.61%00%
Traill County960.55%00%
Dunn County760.43%10.52%
Ransom County710.4%00%
Eddy County610.35%31.56%
McHenry County560.32%10.52%
Hettinger County540.31%00%
McIntosh County530.3%31.56%
Foster County530.3%00%
Pembina County500.28%00%
Griggs County500.28%10.52%
Sargent County490.28%00%
Cavalier County460.26%00%
Dickey County450.26%00%
LaMoure County440.25%00%
Bottineau County420.24%00%
Kidder County410.23%00%
Golden Valley County410.23%00%
Nelson County380.22%00%
Renville County340.19%00%
Wells County330.19%00%
Pierce County310.18%00%
Bowman County290.16%00%
Burke County280.16%10.52%
Steele County270.15%00%
Logan County260.15%00%
Adams County170.1%00%
Oliver County170.1%00%
Billings County130.07%00%
Towner County120.07%00%
Grant County110.06%00%
Sheridan County90.05%00%
Slope County70.04%00%
Divide County60.03%00%
Statewide Unallocated00%00%

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