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Wyoming Coronavirus Case Statistics

Total Wyoming Coronavirus Cases - Updated Daily


Total Wyoming Coronavirus Deaths - Updated Daily

879 - 1.07% of Cases

County Statistics from Wyoming

County Cases State % Deaths State %
Laramie County8,0029.7%15517.63%
Natrona County7,5439.15%14916.95%
Campbell County4,6275.61%718.08%
Fremont County4,4965.45%9911.26%
Albany County3,7904.6%232.62%
Sweetwater County3,5104.26%515.8%
Teton County3,1513.82%111.25%
Sheridan County2,9033.52%353.98%
Park County2,5433.08%414.66%
Uinta County1,9752.4%161.82%
Carbon County1,2121.47%333.75%
Lincoln County1,1461.39%141.59%
Goshen County1,1191.36%252.84%
Big Horn County9831.19%384.32%
Converse County9091.1%252.84%
Washakie County8681.05%273.07%
Sublette County6550.79%111.25%
Johnson County6120.74%131.48%
Weston County6110.74%60.68%
Platte County5590.68%161.82%
Crook County4140.5%131.48%
Hot Springs County3550.43%40.46%
Niobrara County1450.18%30.34%
Statewide Unallocated00%00%

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